Top Tips For Corporate Headshots

Tips For taking Corporate Headshots That Sell Your Image

Professional corporate headshots are becoming more and more important in today digital business world setting. An attractive headshot on Facebook, twitter, Linkedin and other social media can be your online business card and can make the first impression to your potential customers about your qualities. In addition, you can use your corporate headshot on your website, in advertising or PR as well as on your branded literature. Below are tips for taking corporate headshots that sell your image – ref_cox.

1. Soften your lighting

No one can look good in glare and the more natural light level you apply, the more attractive the image will be. Set the sources of your light as close as possible to your subject as it will have the same effect just like using a larger source of light, resulting to better softer image. Alternatively, you can use a brighter source of light to bleach out shadows as it makes the face to be more even.

2. Be consistent

Businesses require consistently good looking executive headshots. The more consistent headshots you have, the more business you will get. To be consistent, you need to take all your photos in front of same white or plain cream background. Remember that the shots are about the person and not the background; therefore, don’t let it distract you in any way. Always use the same background for all your employees’ headshots for consistency purpose.

3. Watch your angles

Angles affects close up shots outcome feel as well as look. For female employees, make their eyes to look larger while their faces need to be more delicate through shooting down on them. On the other hand, emphasize on strength and achievement of male employees by shooting slightly up.

4. What to wear

The emphasis of corporate shots is the face and not the body. Dark clothing works well for these type images as they provides the required contrast which emphasize on the face. While light clothing reflects light back to the face dark cloth absorbs it, thus providing a better way of controlling the light.

5. Focus on the eyes

Did you know that your eyes are the window of your soul? Therefore, it’s very important to have sharp, crisp eyes in your image. When you capture the eyes in a powerful way, you attract people into the image and establish a connection that speaks a lot about the organization.

6. Relax

The subject needs to be well relaxed before the shot is taken. Ensure that you get enough sleep before your headshot is taken. Avoid being stressed, rise up early, take a good breakfast and arrive earlier than usual. Who will like your picture if you don’t want it to be captured? Relax, as corporate headshots reflect real people not actors or models.

Things to Remember

  • Headshots should look like the subject
  • The image should sell the looks as well as the qualities of the organizing
  • What you seen in your headshot is what you get



  • Inform the photographer about your expectation
  • Tell them where you intend to use the image
  • Take a lot of water
  • Avoid drug and alcohol before headshots as it affect your skin


Next time when your organization is taking a headshot picture, take these tips into consideration and you will surely get the perfect professional headshot that create a positive impression on any person who see it.